Furniture Flow

Furniture Flow

SMART LAYOUT.  The first design decision when considering furniture arrangement!  The size and shape of the room as well as the focal point(s) are important when creating the layout.

 Is the room long and narrow?  Is it a small room?  Is the fireplace kitty-cornered?  Do you have a bank of windows?  What is the function of the space?  Do you have too many pieces of furniture in the room? 

Start with the focal point of the room—the seating should face it.   Sometimes you may need need to choose between two focal points.  Decide which one is more important to you when sitting in that room.

Physical flow means easily walking from one room to another, leaving room for the foot traffic.  Don’t crowd the room ~ you should easily move about the room without bumping into a chair or table.  

The visual flow should allow your eye to move from one room to another.  If you have “too much stuff,” it’s time to declutter!  Don’t over accessorize.   and the amount of furniture in the room has an impact on placement.

Furniture does not need to be pushed up against the walls in any size room.  Float furniture toward the middle with a larger rug and create a delineated, functioning conversation space.  A cafe table with two chairs or a cozy seating area or could be created on the edge of this floating space.

Odd shaped rooms are sometimes difficult to arrange.  Embrace asymmetry and make it work!  




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