Top Scents that make Cents

Let’s face it, an odor can sway a home buyer one way or the other during an Open House or Showing.  The Olfactory, or sense of smell, is a powerful sense that can give a buyer a positive or negative sensation when entering a home.  And often times, a home owner is unaware of any smell in their home because they have adapted to it.

Offensive odors include, but are not limited to, smoke, pet, appliances (e.g, old food in the refrigerator or in the garage disposal), dirty shoes and clothing, cooked food, mold and should be removed and not masked with candles or plug-ins.  Deep-cleaning and regular cleaning eliminates these smells, as well as removing specific items (e.g., your son’s football cleats!) from the immediate entry of the home.

How do you rid your home of these odors if you can’t smell them?  A good friend or family member may not want to hurt your feelings, so your best bet is to schedule a Consultation with a Home Stager.  All aspects of your home, including odor, will be assessed and recommendations will be provided.

After your home is cleaned, the five top scents that make cents (pun intended!) and are well-received are:

1. Citrus
2. Herbs
3. Vanilla
4. Green Tea
5. Pine and cedar

Please reach out if you need help making a list of DIY projects before you put your home on the market.




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