Monday Musings with Trot ~ Front Door Colors

Holy Heat Wave this weekend! Trot and I walked in the early mornings and then later in the evenings when it was cooler. ~ Do you consider the temperature of the pavement when you walk your furry friends? The pads of their paws are sensitive and could be burned if it’s too hot. OUCH!  However, I think the best part of Trot’s weekend was spent on the sofa enjoying the air conditioning and these gorgeous pillows! (Who could blame him?)
A pretty front door adds instant curb appeal and is also a statement about who you are.
A WHITE front door says you’re clean and organized, with simple and effortless home decor. A RED door means “welcome” and says you’re exciting, vibrant and love to entertain!  BLACK is a color that symbolizes order and control, where you can expect a simple styled elegance within the home.  BLUE is the color of the sky and ocean. Those who paint their doors blue enjoy peace and value truth.
Taking the color of your front door into consideration could positively affect the sale of your home.
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