Welcome to Monday Musings with Trot.  Who is Trot and why are we musing, you ask?  Trot is my shadow, sidekick and muse! This soft, furry guy is with me 24/7! He helps me plan and keeps me focused! He adds laughter and joy to my days and he will be helping me “muse” with you about home staging, trends, tips, designing, the real estate market or maybe just a funny story about him every Monday.
The houses are flying off the MLS! But here’s a question for all you Real Estate Agents … How much money are you and the home owner leaving on the table by not staging? If you take that extra step to stage your listing, you can price it at the higher end of the home’s price point AND reel in that price!  This sale then sets a new price/SF for the neighborhood. Imagine new listings coming from the neighbors and friends of this home owner wanting to know the secret behind selling quickly and for a higher profit.
Fellow veteran stager, Bobbi McGrath, has confirmed a realtor that she works with had three additional homeowners list with her immediately after a sale that was staged ~ because they believed in her real estate “magic!”
Let’s connect and make magic together!


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