“You can never have too many lamps in a room!  Lighting equals happiness, therefore lamps equal happiness.” 

~Maria Killam, True Color Expert

I agree with Maria!  Lamps are considered a decor item.  With so many choices to compliment your style, why wouldn’t you invest in lamps—both table and floor lamps?  Lighting is an essential ingredient when decorating a room.

Should lamps in a room match?  For a formal look, two matching lamps on either end of a console table looks perfect!  Look at this picture!.  Don’t you love all the lighting in this room?  You can’t see all of them, but there are two table lamps, two wall chandeliers, a ceiling chandelier and a picture light.  I love how this room turned out.

Some people do not like symmetrical, so  different lamps that don’t match is OK, as well.  Different lamps will add character to a room.  It’s all a personal choice and I’m happy to help you find the best choice for you.

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