The Boston Design Center

I spent two days at a workshop at the Boston Design Center with fellow designers and stagers last week. The days were filled with both inspiration and education. I came home drenched in new ideas and information.

To start, I belong to the Design for Today Collaborative. This is a Design Group for Designers and Home Stagers ONLY created by three trending New England designers/coaches who are dedicated to educating and inspiring professionals on the “how-to’s” for creating a successful business. Debbe Daley, Marianne Cherico, Wendy Woloschuck were our hosts, and I can’t thank them enough. Check out their websites when you have a moment! You will be wowed as well!

On the first day of our workshop, our group of 20 was in conference with these three great minds all day. We learned so much about Mindset and Buying Wholesale. The second day, we spent visiting business people, artists at the Boston Design Center. The people we were introduced to can help propel us forward in our business and apprise us on how to give our clients the best service.

Check out the websites of a few of the business people/artists I met and can now order from.

The Martin Group
Kravet Inc.
The Shade Store
Christopher Peter
Liz Roache

I am so excited to start this part of my journey, and can’t wait to fill you in on more from these two fabulous days! Continuing my education and forging relationships with artists and businesses so I can bring the trending colors, fabrics, furniture and art to the homes I stage is what I’m striving for.

Cheers for now!

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